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Multidevice Monitoring & Control

This software can be used to monitor up to 20 Mayah codec devices.
Three different statuses can be monitored for each device: Alarm, Connect, Framed.

- a browser must be available (FireFox or Chrome strongly recommended)
- the codecs to be monitored must have installed firmware version or later
- the codecs must be accessible to the computer which is going to run the multidevice monitoring

The software can be started by clicking on the file "multidevice.htm" located in this directory.
The page contains a table with 20 cells each containg the information of about one codec.
Some of the cells are preconfigured with ip adresses of some Mayah test units, some cells are empty.
To change the ip address (or enter a new one) just click on the IP-Address scope and enter the address.
As soon as you confirm with your keyboards [RETURN] key the multidevice control try to connect to the codec.
In case of success the codecs name and three LEDs are displayed.
In case of connection failure a text "No Connection!" is shown.
As soon as a connection is established the monitoring process for this device is being started.
To remove a device from the monitoring process simply delete its ip address from the IP-Address scope and press [RETURN].

When clicking on the green connection symbol which is positioned on the left side of each cell, the devices Web Remote Conrol will come to front.

The selection of devices for monitoring is being saved automatically and is restored if the Multidevice page is opened again.

MAYAH Communications
Author: Uwe Andersen